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Put simply, WikiRead is a program that lets you view Wikipedia and related sites offline, without the need for an internet connection.  WikiRead is based on code from DSwiki, which in turn is based on NewDictS, Wiki2Touch, and libbzip2.  It is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Click Here for a Tutorial

From the readme:

WikiRead is a Wikipedia/Wikimedia reader based off of DSWiki (see dswikireadme.txt) and built upon wxWidgets 2.8.11 to support multiple platforms.  Though it was tested on Wikipedia and Wikisource, it can theoretically read any MediaWiki wiki (including any wiki on wikia).  See http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Database_download or http://download.wikimedia.org/backup-index.html to get more databases.  All that is required is a pages-articles.xml.bz2 file.

WikiRead was designed to be a quick standalone program, not requiring any web server or web browser and not requiring a lot of processing power to read the databases.  When I was making this program, I couldn’t find a decent, cross-platform Wikipedia reader that ran by itself and supported other wikis.  Most importantly I wanted to have Wikisource offline because then I would be able to have an entire library of books/literature to read in case I were in an environment without internet access.

To use the reader, make sure all of the database files (*.idx, *.ifo, *.ao1, *.dba etc.) are in the same folder as the executable.

Run the indexer under the command line to see details on how to use it.

Known issues:

  • Some template text is missing, so sometimes in a list we’ll get bullets without text following them.
  • Some pages aren’t rendered correctly.  Send me details of the rendering mistake, the wiki you were using, and the page and I will fix it if I get the time.
  • Language links that aren’t 2 or 3 letters long are not cut out.


  • Fix the issues/add the missing features
  • Add bookmarking functionality
  • Add an edit menu; Currently you can copy using Ctrl-C but there is no menu option to do this
  • Add search within a page functionality

Building from source:

Originally WikiRead was built using Code::Blocks 10.05, TDM-GCC 4.4/4.5, wxWidgets 2.8.11 (wxMSW/Unicode/Monolithic/Static), and libbzip2 1.0.5 on the Windows platform.  Theoretically it should compile without problems on Mac and/or Linux but I haven’t tested this.  To build, install all the dependencies and then simply open the Code::Blocks project file(s) and click compile.

Download WikiRead

Download WikiRead with Wikibooks


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