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Space Game

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This project was started in 2006. Today it is no longer actively developed. The space game is a project powered by the Irrlicht 3d engine was coded entirely in C++. All of the 3d models were created and animated in Blender. Gimp was used for texturing. In the game, hundreds of planets exist in a persistent universe. You start out on your home planet, the only one where you can walk around. You, from there, can enter the ship garage and fly into outer space, exploring the solar system. You can then land on other planets. Each planet has its own unique surface features and atmosphere. If you’re done exploring that solar system, you can explore the galaxy and move on to others. Currently, that’s all that there is to it.

Download Space Game


Arrow Keys: Move around on a planet

Mouse: Control the ship

Left mouse button: Accelerate the ship

Right mouse button: Toggle autopilot

Escape: Cancel or bring out the star map in space

Alt-F4*: Quit

*Please note that since the game locks your mouse in the center of the screen, this is (for most people) the only way to close the program.


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