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On this page you will find information on our various 3d models and scenes. The program Blender is required to open them as they are in .blend format. Anyone can modify or use these works in their own projects. They are licensed under a Creative Commons License. All of these images were created with Blender and/or the Gimp. Please note that all of the videos require Adobe Flash 9 in order to play. All of the models come in a pack which can be downloaded below.

Download Model Pack

Rolling Ball Scene

This animation was created in Blender with the help of its physics engine. Ambient occlusion was used to render the images to add more realism.

Download Model Pack

Bog Scene

This scene uses the mist feature in Blender with a texture made by Gimp. The landscape originated as a plane and was leveled out.

Download Model Pack


These buildings were created using various methods. Texturing was done with Gimp. Building #4 (the one with the round top) was used in the space game as the ship garage.

Download Model Pack

Pig Model

This pig model was modeled in Blender with a mirror modifier and had its texture baked as ambient occlusion. The texture was then colored and touched up in Gimp. The “rainbow pig” is the pig with its normal map as its texture.

Download Model Pack

Ship Models

Each of these ships are low poly models and were modeled in Blender with the extrude tool. The fourth was used in the space game.

Download Model Pack

Strange Plant Models

These models were rendered in Blender with ambient occlusion (as with many of the other models). The latter image was made with the same scene as the middle two, with merely a change of place with the camera. Perspective has a great impact on what something will look like.

Download Model Pack

Cube Animation

This short animation clip was created with a simple build modifier. Random geometry was added with a script, and then it was wireframe rendered.

Download Model Pack

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